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Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Testing

Professional Diagnostic Testing Services in Bethel, CT


Beyond Urgent Care of Bethel provides diagnostic tests and lab services to assess a wide range of diseases and conditions. The testing allows our affiliated clinicians to better diagnose and treat patients and their symptoms. Patients can receive services for: DNA testing, breast cancer screens, pregnancy testing, drug screens, STD testing, lab cultures, hepatitis testing, and full lab panels.

Our residence is headed by a board-certified physician. At our locations, you will receive the best care for half the cost of visiting an emergency room. The Bethel walk-in clinic ensures the highest-quality care for affordable prices. We accept most insurances.

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Types of Diagnostic Tests

  • Lab Cultures– Sampling and culture of tissue or bodily fluid to detect infections and determine sensitivity to antibiotics.
  • Full Lab Panels– This allows a glimpse for multiple conditions.
  • Pregnancy Diagnosis – A more accurate diagnoses of pregnancy at early gestation.
  • Hepatitis Testing– A series of blood tests to detect current or past infections of hepatitis A, B or C.
  • STD Testing – Fast, confidential screenings for a variety of common sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Influenza Testing– Rapid testing for the detection of Influenza viral antigens in the respiratory tract.

How Often Do I Need to Be Tested?

Testing and screening are typically formed on recommendation after a physical exam.  How often you need to be tested is dictated by the number and regularity of symptoms. Talk to your medical provider to see if you need a test.

Beyond Urgent Care – Bethel, is part of the larger Beyond Urgent Care network. A network of professional Urgent Care clinics run by board-certified physicians. Our goal is to give superior care to our patients while providing reasonable services.