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DOT Physicals

DOT Physicals

DOT Physicals in Bethel, CT


Beyond Urgent Care in Bethel can provide your business with accurate DOT Physicals for your employees. At our Bethel clinic, we offer wait-free and walk-in appointments.

If you are a self-employed driver you can also stop by our office to receive your certificate.

Our urgent care is run by board-certified providers and trained staff. We offer only the highest-quality of care at affordable prices. Most insurance accepted.

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What to Know about DOT Physicals

What is a DOT (Department of Transportation) Physical?

A DOT (Department of Transportation) Physical is required every two years for those who hold a commercial driver’s license. This is used to evaluate not only the safety and capability of a driver, but also the safety of the public. DOT physicals are mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to determine that a driver is in good health, and not suffering from health issues like sleep apnea, diabetes, poor vision or high blood pressure. We can help you with your DOT Physical at our Bethel urgent care.

What Do I Need to Bring to the Bethel location?

All patients of our Bethel clinic will need to bring a valid driver’s license, prescription lenses is applicable, hearing aids if applicable, and medical history. It is mandatory that a driver mentions if they have any of the following:

*Brain injuries
*Hearing loss
*Diabetes (insulin dependency)
*Impaired Vision
*Missing Limbs
*Chronic Pain
*High Blood Pressure
*Able to recognize colors (red, green, yellow)
*History of alcoholism or drug use
*Heart attack or heart disease
*Kidney disease

What is Included in a DOT Physical?

All drivers must have at least 20/40 in each eye with or without corrected lenses.

According to the FMCSA, all CMV drivers must be able to hear a “forced whisper” at less than five feet with our without a hearing aid. This would be the same as an average hearing loss in the better ear of less than 40 dB.

Blood pressure/pulse rate
A physician will take your blood pressure and pulse rate to determine if you have high blood pressure or irregular heartbeats.

All drivers must take a urinalysis to determine if there are any underlying medical conditions. This will help determine if you have any early onset conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes or kidney infection.

Physical Examination
In the physical examination you will be tested for:

*General appearance (weight, tremors, drug/alcohol problems)
*Mouth & Throat (breathing and swallowing)
*Lungs & Chest (breathing)
*Abdomen & Organs (unusual masses, hernias, weakness)
*Vascular System (weak pulse, blood flow, varicose veins)
*Limbs (Loss or damage, weakness)
*Skeletal (limitation, tenderness)
*Neurological (balance, reflexes, speech)

What If I do Not Pass the Physical?

If you do not pass the physical, be it that you do not need the requirements for vision, diabetes, hearing or physical impairment, you may be eligible for a driver’s exemption.


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