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Sports Physicals

Sports Physicals

Sports & Camp Physicals in Bethel, CT


Beyond Urgent Care provides quality, affordable and efficient sport and camp physicals for children and teenagers. You can walk-in with your child or teenager anytime throughout the week 8am to 8pm.

Beyond Urgent Care clinic is run by certified physicians and trained professionals that will make sure you get high-quality service at a low price. Be sure to bring your Photo ID and current insurance card to your visit and feel free to call anytime with questions/concerns you may have. You may also download the following form to speed up your visit.

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Who needs the physicals?

Sports and Camp Physicals are essential to ensure the health and safety of your child or teenager. That’s why at Beyond Urgent Care, we will take the time to assess your child and make sure they are in the right condition to participate. Even if your child/teen is not participating in any physical or active sports, we still recommend getting one.

Sports and Camp Physicals are for children and teens who participate in recreational or team sports. Many school, camp and community programs will require children and teens to be examined to ensure they are in proper health to participate.

What should I bring to the physical?

You should bring any health documents that are needed to be signed by physician – this is usually provided by school, camp or community. Also bring any prescriptions your child/teen may have, including eye prescriptions.

What to expect

Sports and camps physicals purpose is to ensure your child or teen is ready for the first day of practice. It’s important that kids are healthy and prepared when going out onto the field. This minimizes the risk of injury or other related issues related to sports activities. Some of the steps you can expect an Urgent Care physician to go through with you and your child or teen is as follows:

*Physical Examination
* Concussion Assessment
*Medical/Vaccination Review
*Recommendation of Proper Protection
*Recommendation to Specialist if Necessary

Beyond Urgent Care – Bethel, is part of the larger Beyond Urgent Care network. A network of professional Urgent Care clinics run by board-certified physicians. Our goal is to give the highest quality care to our patients while providing affordable services.