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STD Testing

STD Testing

STD Testing in Bethel, CT


Beyond Urgent Care in Bethel provides confidential STD testing and treatment. We offer our services at your convenience and keep all information in confidence.

Our Bethel office is headed by board-certified providers. We provide you the best care for at lower costs. Our Bethel walk-in clinic offers only the highest-quality care for affordable prices. We accept most insurance.

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What to Know about STD Testing

What Happens During an STD Testing?

STD testing is a quick process. We base our testing and results on your symptoms (sores, pain, discharge), type of sexual contact and medical and sexual history. Our physicians will ask you a brief history of your sexual activity to get a better understanding of potential contacts with STDS that you may have had. After making a general determination, a test will be run. There is no one single STD test, as different STDs are identified using different methods.

Types of testing:

*Urine or blood sample
*swabs (mouth, genitals, sores, discharge)
*physical exam

Depending on which test you have, we can either test the sample in our Bethel offices, or we will have to send away to the lab for results. We understand that asking for an STD or STI (sexually transmitted infection) test may be uncomfortable, but if you feel any symptoms, you should get tested. An untreated STD can evolve into a larger issue.

What Types of Treatment are available in our Bethel Urgent Care?

First, we can treat the following STD’s:

*Hepatitis C

After diagnosing the correct STD, you will have a few options of how to go about treating it.  If you are given antibiotics, it is best to fully follow intake instructions, even if the symptoms disappear quickly. We will find the right treatment to help protect your health and the health of sexual partners.

When Should You Get Tested?

If you are sexually active, have multiple sexual partners, have recently had unprotected sex, an infection or symptoms, it is in your best interest to get tested. Different diseases have different incubation periods (minimum window periods). If you are unsure of what STD you may have contracted or if you feel symptoms, it is best to get checked by one of our physicians so that we can determine what you have and how quickly to treat it. Even if you have no symptoms, getting tested can verify that you are healthy and have not contracted anything.

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