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Natural Solutions for Seasonal Allergies

As spring begins, unfortunately so does allergy season. Testing for what kind of allergies you have and seeking treatment is Read more

Fractured vs. Sprained vs. Strained: What Do I Have?

All types of injuries are painful, but the more serious your injury is the more extensive your treatment will be. Read more

Lyme Disease vs. “Mono”

Many of you know the defeating side effects of contracting lyme disease or mononucleosis (“mono”). Lyme disease is bacterial and Read more

Stomach Bug vs Food Poisoning

Stomach Bug vs. Food Poisoning We all know the horror of food poisoning: what looks like a delicious meal ends Read more

How to Cure & Prevent Dry Skin

The winter weather does more than making you wear an absurd amount of layers or letting your kids stay home Read more

First Urgent Care Visit – What to Know

At an Urgent Care facility, fully trained healthcare professionals provide health care for ‘urgent’ health issues that require care within Read more

Recognizing Bronchitis and Pneumonia

Bronchitis and pneumonia are viruses that typically happen during these cold, winter months. You want to make sure you spot Read more

Preparing for the Upcoming Allergy Season

One of the blessings of the winter season is that seasonal allergies are slim to none. The beginning of spring Read more

Is Your Child Too Sick For School?

Picture this: last night your child was running a slight fever. You took her temperature and it read 101.4 degrees. Read more

Cervical Cancer – The Importance of Screening

Along with a new year, comes new goals, especially regarding health. This is a time when a lot of people Read more