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Walk-in Clinic in New Milford, CT


Walk-in Clinic

Beyond Urgent Care in New Milford services patients with trustworthy, reliable treatment from board-certified physicians right in our walk-in clinic. From the front desk to the exam room, you’ll receive affordable care from our team of knowledgeable professionals without the need for an appointment or a referral.

At Beyond Urgent Care’s walk-in clinic in New Milford, we keep our wait times low. Feeling ill or being injured and waiting for an excessive amount of time only makes a situation worse. Our patients are checked in, triaged, and moved to the exam room to see a doctor in under an hour.

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Our walk-in services include the following and more:

  • Treatment for a variety of acute illnesses & injuries
  • Immunizations including flu shots
  • Digital X-rays
  • Lab testing
  • Minor surgical procedures including stitches
  • A variety of physicals including exams for sports, camps, immunization, & employment
  • Travel Medicine


Emergencies happen. They are never convenient and always cause stress and anxiety for both the patient and those trying to get them help. Beyond Urgent Care’s walk-in clinic is a great alternative to the emergency room or a doctor’s visit. In our New Milford office, you will be seen quickly and treated correctly the first time.

Urgent Care walk in

Beyond Urgent Care’s walk-in health care facility in New Milford has a highly trained staff of doctors, medical professionals, administrators, and clerical staff on board, ready and willing to help you. Our medical staff members conduct exams, diagnose health problems, and treat a spectrum of non-life-threatening health conditions.

A clinic that understands your problems

The New Milford walk-in clinic location also offers travel medicine services. Our staff members do their best to accommodate the time-sensitive needs of international travelers, as we understand that plans can come up suddenly or change without warning.

If you need tests or immunizations specific to your destination, or if you’re an international traveler visiting the United States, our New Milford office can meet your medical needs so you can travel more easily.

Instead of using separate diagnostic labs or blood drawing facility, patients who visit Beyond Urgent Care’s walk-in clinic in New Milford save themselves the hassle of scheduling multiple office visits and driving around to treat one problem. Once our medical staff has conducted an exam, further lab work and tests can be ordered and completed without having to send you to another facility.

Whether you need diagnostic tests or a standard physical exam, we have the resources needed to treat your health needs quickly and efficiently at our disposal.

Quick diagnosis and treatment

The patients who come through our doors seek treatment for a myriad of conditions. We can provide treatment for illnesses such as the common cold, the flu, and other viruses or infections. We can also provide care for injuries like broken or fractured bones and wounds that need stitches or staples.

Even if you’re just feeling under the weather and aren’t sure why, the team at Beyond Urgent Care in New Milford is always ready and able to care for patients. Our doctors, medical professionals, and administrative staff want to make sure that are feeling well again by the time you leave the clinic.

A convenient walk in policy

We know that scheduling an appointment with your doctor can be time-consuming and difficult. Beyond Urgent Care’s New Milford walk-in health care facility provides convenient access to services that usually require a scheduled medical office appointment. Patients who visit our walk-in clinic can receive everything from sports physicals to immunizations to emergency care.

Top of the line service

Our New Milford walk-in health care facility is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory and x-ray machines. At Beyond Urgent Care, we use our medical lab equipment to help diagnose health conditions promptly and accurately. The advanced equipment we have at our clinic enables us to reliably diagnose each and every patient who seeks treatment at Beyond Urgent Care.